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A raft of ducks taking flight from a lake with reeds and trees in the background

Nature In Action

We’d like to say a special thanks to our Operations team for sharing with us their beautiful pictures of nature in action at Barton Seagrave in Kettering.

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Grassy field and bushes nearby a residential area

Let's Wave The Flag For North Hamilton

We’re delighted to announce Greenbelt have commissioned TEP – The Environment Partnership – to showcase North Hamilton’s land management.

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Several hundred yellow daffodils arranged into the shape of the Marie Curie logo; a larger, single daffodil

Marie Curie Floral Tribute

PRIOR to the pandemic, we were immensely proud to celebrate Greenbelt’s 20th year in business by committing to donate at least £20,000 per year to Marie Curie– enough to fund a nurse for an entire year.

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