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Our land maintenance and management services are eco-aware, fully sustainable and ensure biodiversity will thrive for future generations to enjoy.

  • Our in-house Environmental Manager ensures Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) targets are met
  • We have a unique partnership with Abertay University’s Urban Water Technology Centre for SUDS management
  • We have in-house experts in Ecology, Horticulture, Arboriculture and more
  • Our biodiverse approach and early assistance provides housebuilders with BNG confidence
  • We have in-house experts who create and implement Conservation Management Plans
  • We have established strong working relationships with the likes of The Woodland Trust, RSPB and more
  • Our environmentally sustainable solutions improve ecosystems on new build developments
  • We provide housebuilders with future-proofed Sustainable Biodiversity Planning
endangered buntings bird perched on a branch
The Buntings location pinned on the map

At a Glance

Location: Devon
Area: 51,000m2
Accessed: 2017
Properties: 100


Site Features

  • Amenity Grass
  • Rough Grass
  • Agricultural Hedges
  • Mature Woodland
  • Young Woodland
  • Equipped Play Area
  • Metal Painted Fencing
  • Amenity Trees
  • Mature Amenity Trees
  • Lighting Columns
  • Brick Walls
  • Hard Surface Pathways
  • Cirl Bunting Wildlife
  • Habitat

All about The Buntings

Located in coastal Devon, The Buntings takes its name from the rare passerine songbirds that make their home here. Although very seldom seen elsewhere in the UK, the presence of cirl buntings here in their Greenbelt-protected oasis is a source of pride and joy for local residents

Related to the yellowhammer, the buntings were threatened with extinction during the 1980s, reaching a critical stage of around just 100 breeding pairs in the UK. While they’ve enjoyed a resurgence since, they are still listed as red conservation status with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). This is the highest priority category and said to require "urgent action".

Thankfully, with both rough and amenity grass, agricultural hedges, as well as young and mature woodland types, Greenbelt provide the ideal environment for Buntings to survive and thrive. In fact, a significant part of the areas we manage is set aside as rough grassed wildlife habitat.

The grassland areas are subject to a grazing regime, as recommended by the ecologist, creatively maintaining the diverse sward, while keeping mechanical costs and emissions to a minimum. Our strong focus on biodiversity at The Buntings helps not only the birdlife but a huge variety of different flora and fauna.

The Buntings location pinned on the map

At a Glance

Location: Devon
Area: 51,000m2
Accessed: 2017
Properties: 100

How we made this possible

In 2017, we worked closely with Barratt Homes Bristol and the RSPB to create the naturalistic expanse of wildflower meadow and parkland that makes this such a unique development – a safe place for the endangered buntings yet also home to 100 households, who can view and appreciate the wildlife.

grassy hill overlooking a row of houses
Grassy field with a row of houses in the background


Interaction with nature is proven to benefit our mental health and wellbeing and our biodiverse approach nurtures local wildlife, flora and fauna.

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Community engagement is hugely important to us and green spaces are often at the heart of this connection. This is why we’re always keen to help with local initiatives.

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We offer the best value-for-money service in the UK. We fight hard to keep prices down without compromising on the quality of service and care that we offer.

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