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Interaction with nature is proven to benefit our mental health and wellbeing and our biodiverse approach nurtures local wildlife, flora and fauna.

  • We are the UK’s leading professionals in the stewardship of Public Open Spaces on residential developments
  • Our stewardship of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is highly regarded
  • We are experts in the management of green spaces, providing safe recreational areas
  • Our support of community events and local groups helps create and strengthen a positive community spirit
  • Our maintenance programmes are designed to nurture aesthetic value, ecological integrity and recreation potential
  • Every one of our developments has its own bespoke year-round maintenance programme
  • We manage and protect multiple wildlife and ecological habitats
  • Our management of heritage, cultural and natural features helps to nurture a sense of place for the community
Wildflower meadow in front of row of houses
Spennymoor location pinned on the map

At a Glance

Location: Durham
Area: 86,500m2
Accessed: 2016
Properties: 600


Site Features

  • Amenity Grass
  • Rough Grass
  • Agricultural Hedges
  • Mature Woodland
  • Young Woodland
  • Equipped Play Area
  • Metal Painted Fencing
  • Amenity Trees
  • Mature Amenity Trees
  • Lighting Columns
  • Brick Walls
  • Hard Surface Pathways

All about Burton Woods

Incorporating an expansive protected grassland habitat and adjacent to a renowned biopark area, Burton Woods in Spennymoor, County Durham, houses an incredible wealth of flora and fauna. The vast landscaped areas perfectly complement the neighbouring housing development, offering a wealth of biodiversity on their doorsteps.

The wetlands within the biopark are home to the rare Great Crested Newt. These amphibious salamanders – as well as their eggs, nests and breeding sites – are heavily protected under conservation laws.

Our bespoke maintenance programme for this development allows for this area to be cut only with appropriate specialised tractor-pulled flail equipment to avoid endangering the animals.

Similarly, the grassland areas are subject to a grazing regime, as recommended by the ecologist, creatively maintaining the diverse sward, while keeping mechanical costs and emissions to a minimum.

All of these diverse habitat features are managed alongside more conventional green spaces, with bespoke routine maintenance programmes rounding out our commitments to this uniquely diverse development.

Spennymoor location pinned on the map

At a Glance

Location: Devon
Area: 51,000m2
Accessed: 2017
Properties: 100

How we made this possible

Greenbelt began accessing Burton Woods in 2016. We are managing around one third of this ongoing development’s interlocking matrix of protected habitats, which includes long grasslands and wildflower meadows popular with insects and birds.

Neatly landscaped areas in front of houses
cirl bunting on a branch


Our land maintenance and management services are eco-aware, fully sustainable and ensure biodiversity will thrive for future generations to enjoy.

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Community engagement is hugely important to us and green spaces are often at the heart of this connection. This is why we’re always keen to help with local initiatives.

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We offer the best value-for-money service in the UK. We fight hard to keep prices down without compromising on the quality of service and care that we offer.

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